Career Counselling for the Youth

Ghazala Mengal           
Career guidance and counseling are defined as a process that helps the youth to improve their self-awareness regarding the selection of their educational career, and it enables them to know about their level of interest and the skills they possess in order to make better career decisions at their own. As we observe that, nowadays our youth faces a number of difficulties while choosing a career path. They do not achieve their career goals effectively.
Here the question arises that have you ever thought of this problem and its feasible solutions? The answer is, YES! Being a student, I have thought exhaustively about these burning questions that where all these problems initiate from? What are elements that add more to the fire? What are the causes of the low literacy rate in our province? And so forth.
In Pakistan, especially in Balochistan, there is no concept of career guidance and counseling for students. As we know that career guidance and counseling are very much important for youth because without this they cannot make a proper decision according to their capabilities which leads them towards a dismal future. Unfortunately, our province is lagging behind in such amendatory programs.  It is seen that, mostly, either the parents decide the subjects that one has to study, or students themselves tend to make decisions based on the trends or recommendations by peers. This creates a gap between where they want to go and where they’re actually going.
As mentioned earlier that students are not able to decide their own field of study because they are unaware of their own skills, traits, and hidden talent. In the stage of adolescent, we all need proper guidance and counseling for choosing our career. Broadly speaking, most of the students are very much desperate about their future. They need educational as well as psychological support. They need support for their holistic development. All these contribute to an increase in their self-esteem and determination. It provides the motivation for their better future.
Thus, I would like to request the government, educational institutions, non-government organizations and all other stakeholders to play their role in conducting career counseling and guidance programs for the students in schools, colleges and universities every year and provide career counselors to help the students decide their future career by assessing their capabilities through different means of assessments. No doubt, well-educated and well-empowered youth will surely lead us to develop socially, morally, economically and politically.
The writer is a Student of SBK women’s university Nushki Campus.
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