Letter: Prolonged Internet Shutdown in Chagai

The people of Chagai are deeply disturbed by the prolonged internet shutdown. As of July 28, the Internet service has not yet been restored. The closure of the internet has upset businessmen, students, and government employees. Because of the lack of internet, people living abroad have become totally out of touch with their relatives. People have to travel 65km away to talk to relatives or run their businesses.
Government employees are helpless to go Dalbandin and to do their official works due to lack of internet services.
Complaints were repeatedly made over the Internet on several occasions, but no implementation took place. Although Minister of Communications and Construction Arif Jan Mohammad Hussaini complained, he could not restore the internet. Even chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjarani was complained by Students, but no response has given by him.
After all, there is no reason why the internet is closed to the public. The government is requested timely to play its effective role in revitalizing the Internet and remove the anxiety of the masses.
Khawaja Naseem Mustafa – Chagai
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