‘Time to Lift Ban on Student Unions’

Yahya Reki
Quetta: Just like the other parts of country student unions also held a “Solidarity March” in Quetta. Participants of March chanted slogans and carried placards and their union flags on hands.
Activists of Baloch Students Organization, Pashtun Students Federation Azad, Baloch Students Organization (Pajjar), and Hazara Students Federation, Pakhtoonkhawa Students Organization, Jamiat Tulba Islam Nazriati, and others participated in a large number in March.
Vice President BSO Khalid Baloch, Malik Zubair Baloch, Syed Zubair Shah, Mujtaba Zahid, Hafiz Syed Noor, and others said while expressing their views in front of protestors,
Students are deprived of political activities in educational institutions for 35 years which is unjust behavior. Governor Balochistan had issued a notification about the ban in political activities at the University of Balochistan to curb our constitutional rights. They added It is a pre-planned game to cover-up the University of Balochistan’s recent harassment scandal.
Speakers said while talking about Fawad Chaudri Tweet, big announcement time had left, if the federal minister has sympathy with us than they have to lift the ban on student union, pass a resolution and do legislation on this issue.
The participants of “Solidarity March” demanded from the government to lift the ban on student unions, cancel of freedom of speech ban in the University of Balochistan and also fix the low amount of fee to facilitate students in educational institutions.
After recording protest Student union activists dispersed peacefully.
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