PPHI Condemns Slanderous Statements

Press Release
Responding to recent slanderous statements circulated on various media, the management of PPHI Balochistan has refuted such allegations.
PPHI Balochistan is a non-profit organization governed by corporate law and practices; it has a reputable Board of Directors to guide and supervise the management.
Considering PPHI’s efficient administration, the Government of Balochistan put their trust in PPHI and assigned them the flagship project of Medical Emergency Response Centers (MERC) for accident response.
The MERC project team has performed professionally and launched first aid emergency services in a record time of six months proving to be a blessing for the people. In the first month of operations, MERC teams have responded to 150 accidents and treated 350 injured patients.
PPHI accounts and performance is vouched by certified audit firms and health sector watchdogs. The organization will continue to serve people at their 700+ locations including BHUs, DSUs, and MERCs across Balochistan
PPHI has filed a case of defamation in the court of law against slander mongers. Any such effort will be dealt with strong action in the future.
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