Balochistan: Coronavirus Updates


Confirmed Cases in Balochistan: 108

Latest Updates:

The first case of death related to Coronavirus reported in Balochistan. A 65-year-old patient died in Fatima Jinnah Hospital.
Four new cases oof coronavirus have been confirmed in Balochistan.
Results of 337 people, who are in quarantine, are still awaited.
Over 60 people have been screened for local transmission in Quetta and all of them have been tested negative.
402 people are still quarantined at Taftan and 26 at RDA Quetta.
26 drivers are in Quarantine at RDA who were continuously
transporting the positive COVID-19 cases.
Markets in Quetta remained closed due to the call of Trader’s association.
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Adnan Aamir, Editor of Balochistan quoted by Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty (RFERL), on Coronavirus.

21st March 2020:

457 people tested negative in PSCIR quarantine have been allowed to go to their homes on the condition that they will further self-quarantine for 14 days.
657 people are still in the Taftan Quarantine center.
27 pilgrims from Quetta, initially screened in Taftan, have been req-quarantined in Rural Development Academy Quetta.
12 news cases of Coronavirus confirmed in Balochistan.
All the news cases are among the people quarantined at the PCSIR center in Quetta.
Despite the government’s order to close malls and markets, people of Quetta are still on roads and socializing.

20th March 2020:

11 news cases confirmed in Balochistan.
Balochistan government ordered a partial lockdown. Shopping malls, crowded markets, public transport, and inter-provincial transport shut down for 3 weeks.

19th March 2020:

60 out of 353 people tested in PCSIR quarantine tested positive, as per CM Balochistan.


22 new cases confirmed in Balochistan by Liaquat Shahwani, the spokesperson of the government.
Government has announced to close restaurants for dine-in and crowded shopping malls.

18th March 2020:

Seven more people confirmed with Coronavirus in Balochistan, as per Chief Secretary. More details about the patients have not been made public.
One patient died today at Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed (SKBZ) hospital in Quetta. The heirs of the patients claimed that the death was caused by Coronavirus. The hospital administration claimed that the patient died due to cardiac arrest.
671 people quarantined in Taftan have left for Sindh today. More than 1,500 are waiting to be sent to Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Members of the Hazara community protested against leakage of the private information of Hazara pilgrims kept in Quarantine.

17th March 2020:

Test results of 415 people are awaited.
528 pilgrims belonging to Quetta are quarantined at PCSIR center in Quetta
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