Civil Society Balochistan Demands Complete Lockdown in Balochistan

The Civil Society Balochistan (CSB), a loose coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Balochistan, has demanded that the government of Balochistan impose a complete lockdown across Balochistan, especially in Quetta.
According to the press statement of Sami Zarkoon Convener of CSB, People are taking the current holidays for granted and are roaming around in groups. Cricket and football grounds are crowded more than ever, and people are picnicking. CSB has appealed to political and religious parties to spread awareness among people regarding coronavirus and to adopt precautionary measures.
In addition to this, CSB also demands that a volunteer management desk should be established under the supervision of DC and DHO offices in all districts of Balochistan, so that any citizen who wants to help the government in this hour of need, can do so in a disciplined manner. In this context, Zarkoon has also requested all the social organizations to help the government of Balochistan in this hour of need and to render their services to the offices of DC and DHO in their respective districts. The Government of Balochistan should provide safety kits to health workers and departments with immediate effect so that they can come forward without any fear and start working.
Civil Society Balochistan also demands that the government of Balochistan should take strict action against people who are revealing the personal information of patients on social media.
It is requested that all the people should help those in need in their areas during the lockdown so that the crisis can be overcome.
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