Everyday Should Be Women Empowerment Day

Hemna Baloch
Globally 8th of March is celebrated as International Women’s Day. I have seen people celebrating women’s day in public with enthusiasm. I am not against celebrating this day.
If people want to show their sympathy with women then the must raise the voice for those women who are domestically abused. Empower those girls who want to fulfill their dreams which are stopped by their society. Fight for the justice of innocent angels who are raped, killed and dumped by culprits.
As in remote areas of Balochistan, girls get married at an early age, which snatches the beauty of their childhood that puts lots of responsibilities on their small shoulders. Hardly they pass matric. They have been so suppressed consciously that they think their entire life is limited to household chores and childbearing.
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Is Aurat March just for one day that our sisters are being abducted and some are fighting for their rights and protesting to seek justice?
Among the Aurat March, feminist supporters no one raised voice for the innocent female victims have recently been arrested by police in Quetta who were just protesting peacefully against the systematic injustice.
Aren’t those women? or is it something that has been categorized for rights accordingly?
As our culture and religion have given a platform to women so as there is no comparison between them. Nobody is superior nor inferior.
Nowadays most girls are getting a higher education and fulfilling their dreams. Moreover, some are getting education inside and some outside of the country whereas some are deprived of such facilities which are their basic rights.
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