Letter: Long-March for Quetta-Karachi Highway

When Coronavirus crisis has engulfed the world, some students of Balochistan have started a March on foot from Karachi to Quetta. They put a risk to their lives. They have taken an oath for the betterment of the future of Balochistan.
The main objective of the March is to awake the government and NHA about the highway which has become a source of catastrophe. The road is single-lane. The distance from Karachi to Quetta is approximately 700KM. Its condition is totally miserable, fragile and wretched. Many precious lives succumbed to death on this route. If we call it the highway of death it would not be wrong.
Some reports demonstrate that people of Balochistan suffer more from road accidents on this route rather than terrorism which is alarming.
We highly appreciate the efforts of the students and hope that their efforts will shine and they will get through in their mission. It is requested to the people of Balochistan to welcome and encourage them in their respective areas.
This is the main route which is also proximate to Karachi and connects the people of two provinces. In order to curb the daily accidents, the Government should take immediate measures by approving funds for double lane road from Karachi to Quetta.
Sabir Muhammad Hassani – Hub
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