My Experiences with Quetta Online

Salma Baz
It was always on the top of my to-do list to share my experience of working with Quetta Online, Balochistan Online and with the founder of mentioned forums Zia Khan. I know Zia Khan as a founder of Quetta Online since 2012, he introduced me to Quetta Online that is a remarkable forum for our young generation. Zia Khan is no doubt the pioneer of introducing volunteer work in Balochistan for youth. Before Quetta Online, there was no such forum available for our youth to get involved in positive and healthy activities. Today, we have extended Quetta Online to Balochistan, Nushki Online, Zehri Online, and Muslim Bagh online, that is an excellent achievement for Zia Khan, core team and all volunteers.
Quetta Online always welcome female members I remember when I joined Quetta online, we had very few female members. Today we have 46 active female participants from different disciplines and fields of life. Zia khan has provided a fantastic forum to do healthy discussion, share our experiences, and play our role in the positive social change. Zia khan always promoted female members; he gave confidence to many of us and always motivated us to come forward and take leadership responsibilities. In Balochistan, Quetta Online is the only platform where we enjoy flexibility, and this flexibility is an essential factor in women’s careers and life.
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Quetta Online has taken many significant initiatives in Quetta such as Tree Plantation, Clean Quetta, Ration distribution, Blood donation, Donation for needy and poor patients, skill donations and still involved in all the activities mentioned above. Quetta Online is a family, and everyone is welcomed regardless of faith, caste, and gender.
From the first day, Zia khan faced criticism, but now it is too much because he has been a victim of personal criticism many times. Recently, he and his family have been criticized on twitter, and a few days back when he contacted the COVD-19   again people are criticizing him and using such a disgusting (sorry for my words) language for him. It astonishes me always that Quetta Online as a team or platform has not faced criticism, but Zia khan has faced criticism since he started Quetta Online. It is ironic. Let me clear a few things about Zia khan and Quetta Online, firstly nor Zia Khan neither Quetta Online have any affiliation with any political party. We support and promote everyone who works for the betterment of our society and our people. We are volunteers, and Zia khan is the leader of a volunteer group, he has a clear mission and vision to work for the positive social change. Quetta Online will show full support to anyone regardless of their political background, who is working for the betterment of society.
I feel sad deep down when I read all this stuff about people like Zia Khan literally, whereas a community we are heading. Many of us do not trust people who are working for the betterment of our society simply because most of us do not have the emotions and empathy for people. Unfortunately, most of us have no craving for positive social change. People who use such bad words for Zia khan are revealing their mentalities because these people are mental salves and opportunistic. People who do not have the heart and mind that can feel and think about others, for those people, it is difficult to understand what Zia Khan is doing because Zia Khan is a selfless soul.
The writer is a core team member of Balochistan Online and Quetta Online.
Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the author and Balochistan Voices not necessarily agrees with them.
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